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Cross the road: create new ways to grow your business

Our services

Cross into new economy

convert your business online.

Cross your essence

redefine your business to discover new growth opportuntities.

Cross with others

create synergies and new business with other companies.

Cross your knowledge

Innocoaching, convert your team in highly innovative.

Our workshops


A unique co-creation workshop by means of playing, composing and implementing a piece of music.

Strategic Colours

Co-create your company vision and strategy.

Co-creation Concert

A very special concert for your company!

Crossmo values

Innovation means converting ideas into business, changing people, companies, markets and solutions.
Cross your borders, cross with others. Crossing means opening up, go beyond the known, explore and embrace the new and unknown.
People are carriers and media of knowledge and change. Change only happens when people adopt, accept and implement change.
Crisis does not exist, it is a matter of transition from the conventional physical economy to the new economy adding digital to physical.
Growth is not individual, people and business grow through (inter)action with others.
Money makes the world go round. Business means value creation, the only way to make things happen.

Crossmo network

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